A beautiful summer mood: A blissful warm summer with glowing coconuts. It's summer time! A time where the sun shines brightly, the temperature rises and where the process of dehydration quickens. It is the best time to visit sandy beaches to drink tender coconut and feel fresh and energized. Hope you have an awesome summer with our newest creation!

Our Oldest and Newest Creation. The head,body and hair was made approximately a year back by my younger daughter, Neethu, and was abandoned due to busy schedules wink emoticon . Now I have finally dressed up this cutie and named it Pompom, because of its fluffy hair. Mademoiselle Pompom is heading for a world Tour, with her pink butterfly suitcase, also made in clay. Shall we bid a farewell?

One of my newest creations, set sailing on its way as a gift to Isabela Tsepisi, one of my daughter's beloved friend. One doll representing her in an elegant traditional Greek dress, while the other representing my daughter in a traditional South Indian outfit. My daughter nagged me, wanting me to complete these dolls quickly and finally we've come to completion. We feel victorious with the out come and we hope Isabela Tsepsisi would like it!

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