Rose - Miniature

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The size of the roses are .7cm to 1 cm.
These roses are also one of my next workshop flower (not the same size). Roses are  very easy to make. If someone wants to try making any air dry clay flowers, their first choice is always rose. It's one of the reasons why I didn't teach these in my first workshop.
But my friends and students insisted me to take class for roses in the next workshop so I have finally decided to include it (maybe a demo ). It all depends on what my friends like.



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 This is one of my next workshop flower. I thought of making some flowers for so long in orange colour and ended up choosing these lilies.
These Lilies were made out of Japanese Luna clay and the leaves with Thai clay.
I kept the finished flowers  in a cylindrical pot before arranging them in the stem.
I kept all the pollens on thermocol for drying .
Dried petals and buds on the tray.


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