Carnation Tutorial

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Materials needed:

 1. Air dry clay 2. Cutters 3. Veiners  4. Oil colous 5. Frill tool  6.Cotton bud 7.Glue 8. Ponds cold creme or Vaseline.

Mix a small amount of clay with bit of white oil colour and the colour of  your choice. In the tutorial, I used  Winsor&Newton oil colour No.4 (cadmium orange hue) .

Apply some cream onto the plastic sheet, keep the clay in between two sheets and roll on number three position in the pasta machine. (In your pasta machine, if number 1 position is the thinnest, then roll the clay in number 3 .  If number 9 is the thinnest, then roll the clay in number 7 and vice versa).

I personally think that a step-by-step tutorial with illustrations of how to make the carnation flower is enough to understand the method.

 After frilling, make the cone as shown in the picture when it is semi-dry.


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